Marcus Aurelius

Marcus came to us in May of 2006 as a transplant from Virginia who had been bred and trained by the Amish to saddle and driving.
Having been purchased by a doctor who enjoyed exotic animals, Marcus was part of a matched pair he had purchased as foals to pull his exotics in parades. When his partner was killed in a pasture incident, Marcus was sold to a local family in this area who found him to be far too much horse for their needs.

Born in 2002, Marcus was young but very sound and willing when he joined our herd and from day one, he wanted to know what his job in life would be.

He had a very baby-faced look, which covered his very grown-up way of dealing with the world and a wonderfully patterned coat which he, thankfully never outgrew.

A registered Belgian, he came to us without his papers but with a wonderfully sweet Belgian disposition and a lot of promise to be a good, solid riding horse. Like Titan, he has a quirky sense of humor that sparkles in his eyes every so often. Marcus tries hard to please and will make an excellent horse as he matures.

Marcus at play with Moonshine

He grew into quite a large horse even for a Belgian at well over 18 hands and kept his willing attitude but still obviously wanted a job of his own.

Are you sure I'll fit in that thing ????

Then Clarence Belger came into his life and Marcus is now an incredibly happy horse as he is Herd Leader to Clarence's draft herd of Percherons and Belgians and is the primary riding horse at Clarence's farm.

Leasing him to Clarence was the best move I could have made for Marcus as he is also being re-trained to drive. I'm looking forward to watching them together.
They are a great team !!!

A Man and his Horse

Clarence and Marcus

Marcus and Angie in conversation



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