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Merlin came to us in March 2005 after a week on the road in a huge horse trailer. He was the last horse dropped off to his new home in the US after leaving the PMU farm in Northwest Canada where he was foaled.

He was only 6 months old when I bought him from a photograph Dianne Cox had of him. She had bought his sire and was buying his half-sister - who later joined her brother at Appaloosa Acres - and I was waiting anxiously when the trailer arrived at Dianne's to see what he was like. I loved him already as we had been waiting 4 long months for him to arrive and he was my first 'baby horse'.

Merlin, Our 8 month old Colt
Merlin, (Percheron cross) at 6 months
Born May 5, 2004

When the gate swung open on the trailer, he took a long look at all of us taking a long look at him and hopped right down and said 'well, here I am'.

He stayed with Dianne for the first 6 months until the farm was finished.

Merlin at 11 Months

Merlin at 11 months

Now he's no longer that dark, leggy, little guy who won my heart. He's a magnificent, 17+ hand, graying-out fellow who still has the beautiful baby-face and a sweet, affectionate nature with those he is close to.

Due to a congenital leg issue, Merlin is not under saddle but, though he is beautiful, he is far from being 'just a pasture ornament'. He shares herd protection duties with Titan very capably and is a favorite among farm visitors due to his size, presence and attractiveness.

Merlin is half Percheron and half Quarter Horse.


Merlin and Becky Barton
Merlin, at 3 years, 'Playing Games' with Becky Barton

Merlin and May As Youngsters


Merlin EnNjoying the Snow 2010
Lone Sentry in the Storm 2010

  Eating is such hard work
Merlin Lynda and Chris - First Mount

Merlin, Lynda and Chris - First Mount

Got any more???

Merlin at 7 years
Merlin at 7 Years of Age - 2012

Merlin was tragically lost to us March 15, 2016 due to a stroke
precipitated by a medical situation 18 months earlier. After recent
multiple grand mal seizures typified by taking out multiple fences each
time in blind, panicked running and the stroke diagnosis, there was no
option but to euthanize him at UGA. There was no hope of a cure. He was
cremated and rests at home at Appaloosa Acres.

A word to the wise - if your horse has an IV catheter for ANY reason,
make certain he is monitored 24/7. If the facility does not have video
monitoring and will not allow you to stay with your horse, there are
often students who can be paid to stay with the horse if it is in
isolation. The facilities do not always tell you this until a tragedy
strikes like occurred with Merlin 18 months earlier during a medical stay
for moderate colic and precipitated his death.

What he suffered was devastating and the resultant medical situation was
extremely dangerous for everyone. Horses in isolation can pull out
catheters that can....... rarely but horrifically ......result in an air
embolism to the brain causing siezures and blindness as Merlin initially
had. This area of the brain is weakened and many months after all seems
well, tragedy can strike when a secondary stroke occurs.



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